Sunday, February 28, 2010

Its been almost a year since we were in we approach the kid's spring break vacation I'm brought back to the anxiety that I faced last year at this time trying to get our congressman's office to urge USCIS to move along in granting our third clearance so we could go and get Eliana. Needless bureaucratic nonsense...but necessary!!! If you didn't know or don't remember...we got our clearance and had less than a week to plan a trip for all 6 of us to travel to China. It was chaos...and I know God carried me the whole way..because just trying to get our family out the door for school every morning is monumental..but going halfway around the world with a week to prepare is nuts!
Its a blur now...and our latest challenge is what to do with the sweet little chatterbox who wakes up at 1am every night to carry on about who knows what....and she prefers company to sit with her while she chatters to you! No sleep at can sleep after 40? That will put you to your knees! Yes they know my face at our local Starbucks drive thru! This too shall pass I keep telling myself! She is adorable and the light in the eye of everyone in this me...all of the kids rush to see her after school! We cant imagine life without her...or what sleeping thru the night was!