Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This crazy life

I'm sure that you have heard the term " You only have one life, so make it a good one " , well one thing about following God's leading for your life is that you never know where he is going to take you....and its usually places you never dreamed you would or could go. I never dreamed I'd have a masters degree...much less live in a 100 year old house of my dreams and have 5 kids! God is giving me the strength, patience and enough insanity to cope with the demands that are placed on me...and when people ask me (and I have been asked how I do it) I often say I have no idea. That's because its not my life! I know that people look at my life and think she has got to be crazy, or what was she thinking? But that's it....I wasn't! Giving God complete control over every aspect of your life doesn't look "normal". Our normal and God's aren't the same. We are all too often lured by our culture to think that certain things in life are worth aspiring to. Comfort, wholeness, peace, security, these things all sound good, but the problem is that we will pursue these things for our entire lives and never attain them on our own. These are all things that man has tried to pursue since Adam and Eve and to my knowledge...no one has ever achieved it! Its mans natural tendency to want those things but only God can truly give us the comfort we crave, the wholeness we desire, the peace in the midst of a storm in our lives and the security that there is a plan. I may not have a road map to my life, or even for my day. But I know that having the creator of the universe writing my life plan is a whole lot more comforting, peace giving and secure than I could ever hope for myself. God promises to make all things new and in his plan I know that in the end I will have compete wholeness...in Him, and that all the whys and wondering will be answered from His wisdom..not my little brain. Is it scary...sometimes...its like riding that rollercoaster with your eyes closed and knowing that you are slowing climbing the hill and peeking right before you plunge into the dive, but in the end you loved every minute of it, and want to go back and do it again. You trusted that the ride was safe and that it was designed for you to have the thrill of your life. Trust God to do that for your life...no matter how crazy it seems to others. You have all eternity to reflect on it and rest knowing that the ride was well worth it!

P.S. Just in case any of you try to contact me at home...we are in Michigan til August 1st. So email me at lov2stamp@yahoo.com!