Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What can I say...I have an amazing husband?

This is the view I get to see when I wake up on the morning of my 40th birthday....and Tom arranged it all for me. I have already been here for three days but it feels like a week because its a perfect combination of what relaxes me....the sound of the waves, warm 70 degree days, no agenda, and terrific food. I love the ocean breeze on my face and hearing the sea gulls and seeing the pelicans dive for fish. I love reading a book in the warm sun while sipping a cup of coffee and napping if I find myself dozing in a chapter. It has been an amazing few days and I am so blessed. If you see Tom tell him how much I love him and how blessed I feel.
If you ever get the chance to visit San Diego it rivals my all time favorite place...St John in the USVI. We are staying at the Del Coranado Hotel on Coranado Island. Check it out here...www.hoteldel.com

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Got my baby fix!

I spent this past weekend helping my sister care for Jackson...her little 5 week old son. What a sweetheart...I miss him already. I also got to watch some tv and saw amovie...all from her couch while giving my sisters arms a break. Those things are a real treat for me. I cant wait to see all of them when they come out for a visit in November.

When I returned on Tuesday I was sent into full fall schedule. Caila has already had two volleyball games. They won the last one and lost the first. Its great as a mom to see your child's skills develop and allow them to do things that really impact their lives. She has been able to jump in and play with the varsity team and has developed some great friendships through trying volleyball.

Nick and Ben have begun their first weekend of football games. Today Ben had his first game, and had a great 45yard run. He came home telling me all about how everyone on the other team was chasing him. They played the toughest team in the league and got beat, but you wouldnt have know by the look on his face. Nick plays his first game tomorrow. He was named offensive left tackle..so he's feeling the pressure and smiling big as well! Lets hope that the quarterback does well tomorrow!

Maren is plugging along with her cheerleading practice and being my buddy while we drive all around to everyone else's practices..so far she hasnt minded. I think she appreciates the quiet when everyone else is busy. Too bad she's not old enough to drive....I could use her help!

On a more somber note, my sister had to say goodbye to her long time friend and traveling companion Mac. Mac was losing control of his back legs and when I left he was also losing control of the front, even with pain medication you could tell that he was trying to put on up a good face, but it just became to much after a while to try to get him outside anymore...and when you cant get a big guy like Mac out to do his business...it gets hard to do hospice care anymore, especially with a new baby.
We love you and miss you Mac...thanks for taking such good care of Ang from one coast to another!