Sunday, October 28, 2007

This is what fine Christian education has given me....hee hee actually its the result of homecoming week at school...last Wed it was crazy day at school..and it was crazy. Caila was something in between punk and pineapple goddess...if you look closely she looks like she has a pineapple on her head...its really her hair. Maren is a fashion nightmere..and Ben became Jen for the day. Nick decided he wasnt going to even attempt to join in on this day. Its pretty hard to compete with this crowd I guess!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

More Pictures!

This is our front porch....I cant wait to sit out there with my starbucks and read! a shot of my girls...all three including Ben who went for the day as "Jen" . It was homecoming week and this day's theme was "crazy" day. Ben made such a good girl, he kind of scared some of the administrators at the school. He's wearing jeans now...dont worry.

I couldnt resist this picutre....Bella looks like she cant believe what is going on up there. I can only imagine what goes on in her mind most of the time anyway! Pugs...